The top 10 things I have learned

When I had the idea for bizMe my first order of business was to research all the successful entrepreneurs in the world to see how they started their business. I can’t even remember the amount of people I researched but my thinking was, I could learn from their successes and their mistakes and hopefully be just as entrepreneurial powerful someday. As with any new idea, you have to dream big so wishful thinking like flying around in my private jet, wearing the most expensive clothes I could afford and most importantly rising to that celebrity status where I can roll with people like Oprah, Richard Branson and Donald Trump became fleeting daydreams. The research I found gave me false hope of how easy starting a business was and my enthusiasm could very simply have led into an unbelievably mistaken vision that one day I have an idea, the next day I have a multi-million dollar company and then the next day I am Oprah! Can you imagine starting and successfully running a business in 3 days!! Ok, I knew it didn’t happen that fast but all the research I found made it seem like it was truly that easy.

I wish there was a toolkit that the most successful entrepreneurs would pass down to us little guys that gave us the inside scoop of what every day is like trying to create something and make it successful because I definitely had no idea what I was getting myself into. Maybe someday I will be the one to pass down that information to people just making their mark on their career because if there was one thing I found in my research is was that all successful people have a book!!

I thought it would be fun to share with you what I have learned in the last four years of building, bizMe Consulting and Amanda the TV Career Expert.

Here are my top 10 tips that every bizgal needs to know!!

1. You have to learn to hold on: Being an entrepreneur is an emotional rollercoaster. One day you wake up on top of the world, the next day you are questioning everything about yourself and wondering if it is even worth pursuing. If you hold on, I promise with every bad day there are about 20 good days following right behind.

2. Just because you built it, does not mean they will come: I love the movie Field of Dreams and I figured if they could build a baseball field and the ghosts started showing up. . why couldn’t I build a website and just have the traffic show up!

3. You are as successful as the people you surround yourself with: Building a community of people around you is so very important because they become advocates for you. Just be sure to surround yourself with the right people.

4. I am in control of how others perceive me: Knowing who you are and the person you want to be is what makes you successful. You put out how others should think of you by the way you conduct yourself, your attitude, your appearance and by what you say. Make sure you are always thinking–if I met someone for the first time, how would I want him or her describing me as I walked away.

5. Don’t obsess over your competition: I am constantly finding other young professionals doing what I am doing and it seems like they are miles ahead of where I am. I wonder all the time what they are doing differently than I am that they have more media appearances, more speaking engagements, or more traffic. I AM MY BIGGEST COMPEITION because I let this stuff cloud my head instead of staying focused and realizing you have to be patient and good things come to those who persevere.

6. If I want people to take a chance on me, then I need to take a chance on myself: You don’t need to quit your full time job to follow your dreams. I was doing both for four years while I grew bizMe. However you will get to a point where you are going to have to take that leap and when you do . . .it is awesome! I finally quit the full time gig after four years.

7. Perception is reality: I remember when I started posting more articles and successes on facebook, people started to notice how much we were growing. Our site has over 350 articles and I was showcasing them one by one and this helped grow our traffic because we were making our mark.

8. You can only be good at so many things: I carry a notebook full of ideas that I have for future businesses; the key word is future. Don’t throw yourself in too many directions because you end up doing nothing well instead of doing everything well. You are going to get many opportunities but remember to stay true to your brand and mission.

9. We create our own glass ceiling: Don’t ever under estimate what your time and expertise is worth. Be confident in the product you are selling and what that is worth. Never, never NEVER undervalue yourself.

10. Speak up or forever hold your peace: People are not mind readers and if you want something from someone, then you have to ask for it. People don’t magically know that you are looking for money, new clients or whatever it is. If you need
help, speak up!

There is not a single day that goes by where I am not thanking my lucky stars for all the people in my life, the opportunities I have had and everything that is to come. Remember you can never create your empire alone; you build it with others by being honest, genuine, sincere and passionate about what you do! I am so excited to be able to share my business with each and every one of you everyday!




  1. #3 #1 #5 and #2 are my favorites in that order.

    Great Post, Good Luck Amanda!

  2. I agree with much of what you said. In addition:
    - Don’t underestimate the power of a good business name
    - Have a good bookkeeper / accountant before you get started
    - Always have business cards with you. Always.
    - Be patient. It takes a lot of hard work and hours, but good things come to those who keep at it (at least I hope they do!)

    Congrats on going full-time with bizme. It takes a leap of faith, but is a whole new outlook on the world. Looking forward to subscribing to updates on your site and seeing your next event. Maybe a “how to” event for hair styles, scarf options, and suitcase packing. :-)

  3. Great post Amanda. I agree with each and every one of these. It’s important to remember WHY you started your new venture. More often than not, its because of your passion for what you do. It’s great following you and your continued success.

    Know that you have a cheerleader right here!

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