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bizMe readers meet Michelle Marie – she’s an ambitious bizgal with one of the most engaging personalities that will instantly make you feel as though you’re best friends. Michelle’s passion for giving back and her enthusiasm for her entrepreneurial venture is immediately apparent.

“I didn’t want to go into business to make a profit. I genuinely wanted to make a difference,” said Michelle Marie, who recently launched her own business. The president of Footprint Consulting, LLC has always been very involved in community service. With the recent launch of her business, Michelle plans to incorporate her passion for community service in some of the day-to-day projects that her company will handle. She said her goal for the company is to complete one non-profit initiative every quarter.

Footprint Consulting, LLC is a marketing consulting firm for small businesses. Michelle and her staff ensure that they are asking the right questions on how a business they are assisting wants to expand and grow. “Unlike other marketing companies, we don’t try to make their marketing better, we start from the beginning and try to make it more profitable for the company,” she said. The company also looks for ways in which a company can become more effective in terms of marketing. “Often times we ask the right questions to help our clients see which media will be most effective for them.”

The fact that she cares so much about her clients speaks for itself in the volume of customer base that followed her when she launched her own company. When she told her clients that she was leaving her position, 90% of the clients wanted to follow her wherever she went because of the relationship she built with them. “I care a lot about the relationships that I’m building,” she said.

According to Michelle, marketing has been a constant in her life since high school. Her initial exposure to marketing was at trade shows where she worked as a model promoting different products. She loves trade shows because of the energy that is consistently present. “That’s when I knew what I wanted to do,” she said of the defining moment when she realized that marketing was always going to be a big part of her life.

“As soon as I started school I knew I wanted to get into the real world.” That kind of thinking has taken the ambitious 23-year-old to the next level. With the recent launching of her business just months ago, the process of creating her business was very rapid and everything fell into place with ease. “I woke up one day and decided to stay at home. In about an hour I had a name and a tag line,” she said of the beginning process. Finding her passion and running with it is the key force that drives Michelle.

To gain experience in her field, she worked as an intern for many businesses. “I’m a really outgoing person,” and her experiences meeting different people only enhanced this trait. She eventually worked for a privately owned business developing marketing plans from the ground up. “After I graduated with my second degree, I wanted to get closer to the client. I started working in marketing sales but I just got to a point where I wanted to be independent and my own boss.”

Michelle Marie quoteWith the present launch still fresh in her mind, Michelle is not sure where her business will be in years to come but being the eternal optimist she is hopeful. I’m hoping to retire in 10 years from the company. I want to gain as much as I can!” she said. She’s looking to the future when all her hard work will have paid off. “I’ve always been an optimist. I think I had to find my own compass,” she said.

“Pay it forward . . .”
Early retirement is just one of her goals. “When I turn 35 I want to take a huge vacation and travel the world,” she said. When she retires from the business, Michelle shares a unique idea of how she wants to pass the torch. She wants to give her business to a passionate, driven young woman who is 23 because that was the age she was when she launched her business. When asked about what that would mean to her, she said that she really wants to ‚”pay it forward‚”.

“I didn‚’t start it to make a profit or become a millionaire,” she said of her aspirations. She found that she loved marketing and she wanted to not only stick with what inspired her but also she wanted to truly help people. Michelle imparts that same wisdom to other young professional women seeking their career path. ‚”Make it your own and keep it special” she said.

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