Marathon Madness and other favorites

This year so far has been awesome. I ran my first half marathon and this event was like no other marathon. Runners in the Disney Half Princess Marathon select their princess of choice . . . I had such a blast running as Belle that I wanted to share other fun runs with my bizpal gals! If you’re a seasoned runner or just getting started, be sure to check out Susan Hoffman’s article Marathon Madness, an Organic High about all the fun runs around the country. Did you know that the Nike marathon in San Diego gives each runner that finishes a Tiffany necklace? You know where to find me next year!! I have posted a picture of myself wearing my tiara and my Disney half marathon medal—these medals are amazing! I highly recommend doing this run with your sisters, your girlfriends and even your mom.

One of my favorite ideas is the article on Office Relationships. There are days when feeling warm and fuzzy with everyone in the office just isn’t happening—maybe the stars are misaligned or I stepped on too many sidewalk cracks but it’s almost impossible to not have days when you just want to raise your cubicle partitions another 10 feet or so—to block out the annoying habits of everyone else! What I’m beginning to notice however is that the line is becoming blurred between having a friendly office rapport and socializing after work with colleagues. Some relationships are getting way too friendly—grabbing each other’s butts, sharing too many personal intimate moments as alcohol quickly decreases inhibitions, and engaging in behavior that is not of the nature that guarantees promotion. When socializing with workplace peers, it’s best to follow the advice of our article The Do’s and Don’ts of Office Relationships.

If you’re a facebooking, twittering type of employee, check out our article on Sneaking Social Media On the Job and how management views this global phenomenon. We unearth the good, the bad, and the ugly of sneaky texting and facebook checking. A few tweets and quick facebook updates are definite guilty pleasures of our social media generation but save that addiction for when you’re not on the clock!

It’s almost the weekend, so I’m making a pitcher of Berry Berry Good Daiquiris from our Buzz-Worthy: Low Cal Cocktails article to enjoy around the firepit . . .

Thanks for reading bizMe my bizpal bizgals!



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