College kids today!

Last week I had coffee with my friend who is the Director of a Career Resource Center at a local college. I always enjoy getting together with friends who work with college students on a daily basis because I love hearing how nothing really ever changes with students. She talked about how her students don’t get internships and then when they graduate, they expect her to work miracles in helping them find jobs. I remember when I was in school and during my junior and senior year of college I had about 10 internships, even working two internships at a time. I bet you won’t even believe that all of my internships were unpaid!

I know the thought of working for someone else unpaid has many college kids running for the door but the best advice I can give for finding the perfect job that makes you happy is testing the water in different fields through internships. It allows you the experience to feel what it is like working in a corporate environment, small business, agency, hospital, non-profit, sports organization, so that once the internship is done, you walk away saying, I could see myself there, or there is no way I could work in an environment like that. Internships are a form of networking because the people that you meet working will help you find that open position later on.

If you are beginning your senior year of college and have not had an internship before, I highly suggest you start looking and get something lined up for fall. It is never too late to show motivation in creating a future for yourself.




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