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bizMe.biz, an online magazine, is the bizgal’s career coach—guiding and mentoring the young professional as she gains her career savvy, budgets her paycheck, and acquires her lifestyle. It’s like having the honest, real-world advice from a trusted professor and the encouraging support of a best friend all packaged together in articles that reflect a “just like you and me” conversation. We’ve got the experts who share their career knowledge and wisdom—giving the bizgal that competitive confidence so she’ll always know what will get her in the starting lineup and what will keep her on the bench. bizMe is real life—it’s the nine-to-five, the happy hour, the workout time, and the end-of-the-week freedom. Covering hot career, financial and lifestyle topics, bizMe is the best coach when in training for MVB—most valuable bizgal!

Updated monthly, bizMe offers professional and lifestyle advice in a straight-talk format along with profiles of young professional bizgals who are learning the ropes, controlling their own purse strings and are eager to make their mark. bizMe is your perfect teammate—keeping you in the know to be your best and do your best.

Amanda & Jane

The bizMe story begins with Amanda . . . mix in a little stage fright when facing college graduation and beginning a career . . . add in talented friends who are feeling the same, and an idea gains momentum. As a Business Communications/Marketing&Advertising graduate of the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN, Amanda played volleyball, softball, and threw the javelin. Athletic competition laid the groundwork for Amanda’s level of commitment and work ethic. Networking and learning from others led to the creation of bizMe. Whether starting or sitting the bench, Amanda appreciates the value of teamwork and the dedication of succeeding together. You’ll find that same attitude reflected in bizMe’s commitment to enhancing the career, potential, ambition, and lifestyle of our readers.

Amanda’s business partner is Jane (Masters Degree, Education) and this mother-daughter team is passionate about bizMe and represents the perfect combination of experience and learning-the-ropes!

Game Day

Game day is every day at bizMe! Amanda and Jane along with their incredibly talented staff, delve into career topics that give you the edge over the competition. We want women to succeed and bizMe provides the moxie to get your game face on! bizMe is . . . the bizgal’s career coach.

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